About Us


SE Technology was started by 2 engineers with more than 10 years experience each, both were Principal engineers in insustry.

SE Technology was started to offer more advanced automation soloutions, in addition to PLC's, SCADA systems and normal automation systems we work with the latest technologies and can also develop custom soloutions to suit your requirments including designing custom electronics and firmware, IOT and mobile apps.

We also develop custom sensing soloutions to suit difficult / unique applications.

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We can support many communications protocols including WiFi, Bluetooth, 485, 232, I2C, SPI.

Designing electroncis

We can design custom electronics including embedded systems to look after bespoke requirments within your automation system.


We are available to attend your site and asses your automation requirments, we can issue a report on our reccomendations.


Interfacing with custom displays, TFT panels, Projectors, we can create graphics and display systems for your automation system, as well as mobile apps.

Real time systems

We can develop real time systems, for highspeed timing crytical aplications.

Data coms

We can display real time system data on websites, automatically generate emails or SMS texts in response to system events.